StarGazers is an interactive Virtual Reality experience that allows players to explore a magical forest from the perspective of three different creatures.

My Role

The Team

Project Duration


Design Lead

Team management, game design documentation, game UX, sequencing

Andrea Castro, Yash Patel, Phoenix Hunt, Adam Voight, Alex Clarke, Grace Bowman, Gerard Hugh, Thai Luu, Spencer Ritchey, Jesse Fazzini, Cecil Leuziner, Leo Mancini, Alex Arendas, Max Beldose, Joseph Litchfield, Hayley Phillips, Michael Cormican, Handley Shelton

March 2022 - June 2022

10 weeks

Immersive Reality | Interactive Game Development

Virtual Reality

Interactive Design

Game Development

Oculus Rift S

Unreal Engine 4.27

  • Producer for game development pipeline

  • Team management

  • Defining scope, creating and maintaining game design documentation

  • Vision holder

  • Concept development and game mechanics

  • Narrative and storyline development

  • Game UX design with emphasis on iterative testing for agency and physicality in virtual reality

  • Environment design and set dressing

  • In-engine animation implementation for all creatures using sequencer

  • Some texturing and sub-uv flipbook animation

My Responsibilities:

On a starry night, sitting by the fire, you find a mysterious forest spirit approach you and dive into the fire. The fire sputters and pulses, lighting up purple as the spirit dances within it.

It shoots towards the sky, illuminating the stars, tracing out a constellation. You follow, tracing out the Vulpecula in the night sky. After encountering the forest spirit, you realize you’ve been given the power to transform into the animal spirits that inhabit the land as you trace their constellations in the sky.

In order to explore the land, you must transform into the animal to explore the various terrains. Trace all the constellations to unlock all the animal spirits you can!

Game Flow and Character Transitions

Our Characters

Assets modeled and textured by Grace Bowman and Thai Luu