Realms: A Questing Video Game

Unreal Engine

First Person


Alien Planet

You are on an alien planet and your only goal now is to find the portal back to your homeworld. However, in order to use the portal, you must gather the 4 key crystals and locate the portal space to open it at the time of the planetary convergence. But it will not be easy… The crystals are scattered throughout the realms of the alien world and you must track down their ‘energy’ to find them! Be quick about it, or you will miss the convergence and remain stuck here for another xxx years!

Realms is a video game developed in Unreal Engine 4.25 using blueprints. Made for desktop platforms.


Game Design & Development (UE4 Blueprint scripting)

Sound Design

Asset Attribution

Hud and Main Menu

Realms Play Through

Enter the Labyirnth

Survive the Labyirnth

Process Breakdown