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Reimagining cultural immersion by transforming a mundane space into an interactive shopping experience for all customers.

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Ideation, user experience design, user interface, prototyping, blueprinting

Khushi Bhatt, Andrea Castro Yanes, Jacob Alexander, Ray Turpin, Carly Oreck

February 2023

1 week - Startup Challenge

Immersive Reality | User Experience Design | Game Design

The Problem

It's often hard to step outside of the melting pot and truly immerse ourselves in the depth of our cultures. 42% of the US population represents diverse cultural descent. With the globalization of ethnic cuisine, authenticity is lost on us. But the story of food runs deeper than the ingredients. It brings us together regardless of birth. The biggest meeting points of our community's nexus lie at international grocery stores. They don't just sell food, but are a portal into nostalgia and a window to the world. These small businesses are the cornerstones of our community. And unfortunately, a lot of these businesses are falling behind their industry competitors because of automation and technology adoption.

The Solution

HMW help international food stores share their culture with the community to build stronger relationships so they can both profit from it?

HMW Empower Small businesses to compete on a fair playing field with the unconventional adoption of emerging technology?

NOME reimagines cultural immersion by transforming a mundane space into an interactive shopping experience for all customers! NOME rethinks shopping basket holders into an interactive digital experience at the perfect spot in a customer's journey through the store: the very first stop they make in the establishment. We also account for congestion in the store with a non-interactive side to optimize traffic flow. The customer steps into a multi-sensory experience by entering the store... Lots of smells, sounds of, music and languages! NOME takes this sensory immersion to the next step by pairing these stimuli with the imagery of delicious food as well as interactivity to learn more about the recipes and the cultural context behind them.

NOME is where technology meets everyday life! A touchless interactive display embedded into a basket holder that shows recipes from the store's native cuisine through customs, holidays and geography! Using hand-tracking technology to make this experience touchless in a busy environment. Customers interact with NOME through intuitive air gestures with the mounted hand tracker.

A motion sensor detects the moment a customer picks up a basket from the holder. It awakens and greets the customers.

Customers can scan the QR code on the recipes and download the cooking instructions as well as the ingredient list and a store map to find them.

NOME also drives sales for the store. By showing specific ingredients in a recipe, customers try exotic dishes, increasing the chances of buying additional items in-store. NOME is designed for small business owners who want to share and serve their culture and for new customers to educate and combat cultural appropriation! As well as returning customers to reconnect with their roots and refresh their tastes!

NOME Interactive prototype using Leap Motion controller, Unreal Engine 5 and Figma