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Unreal Engine

HTC Vive Pro

A different take on it... Stardust: an abstract kaleidoscopic virtual reality experience.

Creation starts from within the mind and is then projected out into space. Just as such, we are all made of dust from ancient stars, now long dead. We are part of the cosmos and the cosmos is part of us. All objects disintegrate and return to their fundamental forms of elemental dust. Only to be reborn again as something else entirely, giving new life to a unique digit in the pattern of space and time.

Appreciate the transformation of states from one to another, in search for new meaning in each sense. As the solid, stable-looking objects break down and turn into dust, they begin to swirl around the player, forming a well of dust, instigating the greater potential for creation and inspiring awe for something larger than life itself.

Mood board and Inspiration